Fitness Tip of the Day: Sway Uphill

Incorporating "bike sway" technique boosts your climbing power

"Bike sway is a technique used by every pro cyclist. It’s so effective that pro-cyclist Tom Danielson and I even created an exercise called “Time Trial Final 1k” that specifically works on moving the upper body forward and back to mimic the motion of pushing the handlebars forward and side to side while riding. If you’re exerting the maximum amount of power from your core and legs, the bike will inevitably move back and forth. By having a strong core, you’ll be able to transmit the power from your core out to your arms and legs without having any of the power “leak” out from your mid-section. Climbing out of the saddle is a good way to start incorporating sway into your cycling. Try to pick a climb that is about 12-15% grade to that you really have a chance to use that sway to generate some extra power."

Allison Westfahl is an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer who has also helped choreograph a number of fitness DVDs. She recently co-authored Core Advantage with pro-cyclist Tom Danielson. Learn more at

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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