Fitness Tip of the Day: Sustainability Is Essential

The best workout plan is the one you'll stick with


You may be sick of hearing me preach about sustainability, but I’m going to say it again: if your fitness or nutritional program is not sustainable then it is basically worthless. 

What’s the point of losing 10 pounds only to regain 15 after you quit an unsustainable program? This kind of "yo-yo" habit can have negative physiological and psychological effects!

Instead, create a program that you can more easily adhere to. It won’t always be easy but you need to create or find a program that gives you the best opportunity for indefinite success. Programs that let you enjoy the things you love (in moderation) while pushing you to new heights through exercise are going to be your best bet!

Josh Anderson is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and the CEO of Always Active Athletics.

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