Fitness Tip of the Day: Stress Less

Using exercise as a method of relieving stress has multiple health benefits

We all live under considerable stress these days. From work and family obligations to financial responsibilities, things can really pile-up. Stress can affect us in so many ways, like increasing our risk for heart disease, risk for stroke and crippling our immune system. 

We definitely all need ways to cope with stress, and one of the best coping mechanisms is exercise. After a good workout the body releases endorphins which can elevate our moods and make us feel great. 

Not only that, but recent research has even pointed to the fact that with proper exercise, diet and sleep you can actually reduce the effects of stress on your cellular aging. By combining this trifecta of health you can actually reduce the effects of stress on your physiology compared to other individuals who are under the same stress but aren’t exercising, eating healthy and getting quality sleep. Everyone gets stressed, but make sure to reduce its effects by looking after your health!

Josh Anderson is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and the CEO of Always Active Athletics.

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