Fitness Tip of the Day: Add Stability With Endurance

What to do when your endurance is up—but your strength is (surprisingly) down

“As your level of endurance increases, many people don’t realize that your level of strength can decrease—especially in the muscles that stabilize your joints, which puts you at risk for injury. This squatting exercise will strengthen your legs and hips so that you stay balanced in any endurance setting. First, place a lightweight medicine ball between your knees and squeeze it through the entire exercise. Bend your knees at least 10 degrees and descend into a squat as you slowly count to four, hold for two, then count to four as your return to stand. Repeat 15-25 reps. Then tie a resistance band around the lower thigh just above the knees with your feet at hip-distance apart. Press your knees out into the band (you should feel resistance but still be able to maintain your knees over your toes) and perform the same squat. You’ll practice strengthening and stabilizing at the same time.”

—Meagan Lopez is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as a certified exercise coach. She also owns a personal training and wellness business focused on corrective exercise called Integrated Well Being Inc. (

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.