Fitness Tip of the Day: Set Mid-Race Goals

Train your body to keep it up the whole way through

"Want to give yourself an extra edge on the day of your big race? Then stay focused and set goals mid-run. There are many "secret" or more advanced training strategies that can help boost performance on race day, but one of my favorites is to include some goal pace running at the end of the long run when you're already tired. If you're a marathoner, try running the last 1 to 5 miles at your goal race pace. If you're training for a 10k, do 5 sets of 2 minutes at your goal 10k pace, with 1 to 2 minutes of easy running in between. Being in a pre-fatigued state furthers the adaptation process, teaches you how to run fast when you're tired, and recruits more fast twitch muscle fibers than if you were fully rested."

—Jason Fitzgerald is a 2:39 marathoner and USA Track & Field certified coach. He is the founder of Strength Running, where you can get the latest training tips in his free email series.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski