Fitness Tip of the Day: Pre-Splash Stretches

The Pilates move that every swimmer should learn

“Swimmers: Looking for a new way to strengthen your back and hips to perfect your technique? This Pilates exercise will strengthen these muscles, increase range of motion in your shoulder joint, help with coordination, and promote proper breathing. Start by lying face down on your mat with arms extended over your head with legs extended and slightly opened. Then take a deep breath in to scoop abdominals and lengthen through your spine. Exhale to life your chest, arms, and legs off the mat. Then lift your right arm and left leg up and switch pulsing arms and legs up and down while energetically breathing in through the nose for 5 counts and breathing out through the mouth for 5 counts. Repeat 5-10 times before your next jump in the pool.”

—Michele Bastos is the Crunch Pilates Director and a Pilates education specialist in New York City.  

As reported by Bethany Marzewski