Fitness Tip of the Day: Mind Your Arches

A wet feet test will help you pick out the right running shoes

Knowing your foot type can make the process of finding the best running shoe for you simpler by pinpointing models that support your individual needs. To identify your arch type, give yourself the “wet feet test.” Here’s how:

Pour a thin layer of water into a pan, preferably only enough to coat the bottom of the foot. Wet the sole of your foot, then step on a piece of construction paper (a flattened paper bag also works well). The pattern on the paper indicates your arch type! A near-complete footprint shows flat-footedness; a heel and ball of the foot means you have high arches; and if half of your arch is visible, you have a normal, neutral arch.   

—Brian O’Connor is a writer who specializes in running, fitness and sports medicine. A longtime contributor to, he often focuses on the minimalist shoe market and tech advances in shoe design.