Fitness Tip of the Day: Mind Mindfulness

How this change in your routine can yield great results

"If you’re finding it difficult to stay motivated by the same exercise routine, refocus your attention by trying out an IntenSati cardio class. As a combination of the words “intention” and “sati” (meaning mindfulness), IntenSati is an activity that combines interval training, martial arts, dance, and yoga with the spoken word. You’ll still get a great cardio workout, but you’ll also have an opportunity to express yourself with positive affirmations. You might be surprised to find that speaking as you exercise can bring you back to your center and fill you with positive energy to achieve your other fitness goals."

—Renee Manzolillo and Andy Carollo work and teach at Breakin Boundaries, a New York-based studio that offers classes in dance, fitness, yoga, and more.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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