Fitness Tip of the Day: Make Smart Snack Swaps

Healthy eating habit: opt for snacks that are more nutritious

I’ve talked about how small, gentle changes can add up to big success in terms of weight loss, and one of the easiest techniques I share with my clients is simple: snack swapping. 

That doughnut, those chips or the cookie that you are about to devour for your mid-afternoon snack, put it down and simply replace it with fruit or another more nutritious food like nuts or veggies and hummus.

For example, you can replace a bag of potato chips from the vending machine (2oz, 56g, 300+ calories) for a large peach (175g, 68 calories) and save yourself over 200 calories while still eating over three times the amount of food (in grams). 

Not only that, but fruit is sweet and can help kick that sweet tooth craving. Small, simple snack swaps can be a great way to save yourself from eating extra calories; make sure to pack them with you on the way to work!

Josh Anderson is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and the CEO of Always Active Athletics.

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