Fitness Tip of the Day: Lean Forward

Don't sit in the 'back seat' when downhill skiing

“The key to control while skiing any type of terrain with confidence is balance. The most common mistake that I see among skiers is being too passive and letting their weight fall back in a tentative stance. Skiing in the 'back seat' feels safe because if you fall, you will land on your butt, not your face. However, this also leads to an imbalanced stance. The most fundamental element of great skiing technique is maintaining a balanced, powerful position at all times. In order to gain control on downhills, be active and forward, drive your knees and hands down the hill and constantly make small adjustments to remain perfectly balanced. For an example, watch any World Cup alpine skier use their arms to make small adjustments like a tight-rope walker while constantly reacting to the terrain.”

David Stewart has been the Nordic Skiing Head Coach at the University of Denver for 6 years and has led the Pioneers to three consecutive NCAA Championships. He also won the overall American Ski Marathon Series in 2005.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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