Fitness Tip of the Day: Intensify Your Exercise

Save time and burn more calories by increasing the intensity of your workouts

We’ve all seen the chart beside the cardiovascular equipment; the one that depicts the low intensity “burn zone” or the supposed zone where you can burn fat by exercising at a low intensity for longer periods of time.  

While this may be great for those that are just starting to improve their exercise capacity, for others, there may be a more efficient way to lose fat.

The fact is that many of us are crunched for time; exercising at a higher intensity for a shorter duration can actually burn more calories in total, and this doesn’t even bring into account the EPOC effect. So if you are pinched for time, opt to exercise at a high intensity in order to burn more total calories!

Josh Anderson is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and the CEO of Always Active Athletics.

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