Fitness Tip of the Day: Take 'Easy' Days

Days with lower mileage, slower pace, are key for marathon training

“Training for a marathon? It’s better to run more frequently with a lower day-to-day mileage than to only prepare with long, hard runs.

When most people start cutting days out of a training cycle, they tend to start with the easy days and leave only the harder workouts and long runs. But if you do this, you’ll miss out on the great benefits of easy runs, such as pacing, strengthening muscles, and building endurance, which directly relate to how well you’ll perform in the marathon.

This may also give a false sense of what kind of shape you’re really in. If you are 'fresh' every time you run a hard workout, you may run faster than you should. Take a look at what you want to do and what it will take to get there—you’ll start to figure out what days need to be hard efforts and what other days can truly be easy runs, and you’ll be very successful.”

—Luke Humphrey is a professional runner and author of Hanson’s Marathon Method. As a two-time Olympic trials marathon qualifier and exercise physiologist, he currently coaches with Hanson’s Coaching Services.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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