Fitness Tip of the Day: On Choosing Cycling Shoes

Proper style—and fit—make all the difference in pushing above and beyond

“When choosing cycling footwear, look for a shoe with a stiff sole, which will help you transfer more power from your foot to the pedal. Your shoe should fits securely but still have ample room in the toe box. For indoor cycling, wear a well-ventilated shoe with mesh panels in the upper area, which will keep your feet cool. For winter use, find a more solid shoe or even a winter cycling boot with insulation to keep the feet warm as the temperature drops. Most important: the shoe must be comfortable during your activities—it's not the right shoe unless it fits!”

—Ann Marie Miller is a USA Cycling Level 3 Licensed Coach with more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. She recently won the 2012 UCI World Masters' Champion for the Time Trial and Road Race for her age group.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski