Fitness Tip of the Day: A Better Cool Down

This stretch will make you injury resistant

“After a long endurance workout, make sure that your body temperature and heart rate slow down gradually to prevent blood pooling to the legs, dizziness and fainting and to promote relaxation. For your next cool down, try this Standing Body Roll Down Pilates stretch, which conditions and strengthens your back muscles while lengthening. It also strengthens your abs and improves blood circulation. Start by standing with arms at the sides, legs at hip-width apart and knees soft. Inhale to scoop your abs and lengthen through the spine and the back of the neck. As you exhale, nod a curl and slowly roll forward and down one vertebra at time as far as comfortable stretch allows, arms hang loosely. Inhale and breathe into the back of the ribs and pull your abs deeply into the spine to increase the stretch. Exhale and reverse the move, rolling back up one vertebra at time. Repeat 4 to 6 times. You’ll develop a more balanced body that’s more injury-resistant.”

—Michele Bastos is the Crunch Pilates Director and a Pilates education specialist in New York City. 

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.