Fitness Tip of the Day: Full-Body Training for Adventure Races

One expert's take on how to gear up for a race unlike any other

“If you’re preparing for your first adventure race, complement your strong aerobic base with strength and power to get you through the race. Adventure racing by nature requires full body conditioning since you can count on at least running, cycling, paddling and some sort of climbing skill. Get stronger by increasing training load or resistance as you prepare for race day. Add either intensity or weight to each workout. For example, run or bike with a weighted pack or run up and down hills, rather than on a flat surface. Paddle a heavy boat or tow a bucket behind. If you like pushing weights in a gym, you can do full body circuit training—though keep in mind that circuit training doesn’t always translate to how well you can perform in the sport.”

—Ian Adamson is a seven-time Adventure Race World Champion. He has received Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals at the ESPN X-Games as well as the three-time Guinness World Record Holder for Endurance Kayaking. Learn more at

As reported by Bethany Marzewski