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Sheraton Steamboat Springs

Since it involves a ride up on a gondola, level of difficulty is not the reason you’ll want a guide for your hiking adventure on Colorado’s 10,570-foot-tall Mount Werner. Instead, you’ll want a guide, also known as a Steamboat Springs ambassador, because after your hike he’ll feed you from a fine dining mountaintop menu that includes dishes such as roast tenderloin with caramelized onions, fresh lump blue crab salad and grilled portabella mushrooms with an aged balsamic glaze. Of course he’ll also give you interesting background information on the mountain. For example, it was once known as Storm Mountain, before it was renamed in 1965 in honor of Buddy Werner, a Steamboat Springs native and three-time Olympic skier. He’ll also be able to educate you on the Yampa Valley’s flora and fauna as he leads you from viewpoint to viewpoint on the mountain’s Vista Nature Trail loop.   

Rates: $39 per person
Recover: Hike in and hike out while staying at the award-winning Sheraton Steamboat Resort conveniently located at the base of Mount Werner.