“My favorite routine is the Push/Pull/Legs routine, commonly called PPL. The reason I love this routine is due to the flexibility it allows,” said Nick Brennan, founder and CEO of Unbeaten Fitness. “On Push days, the chest, shoulders and triceps are emphasized. On Pull days, the back and biceps are emphasized. And, on Legs days, the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves are emphasized. The flexibility comes into play because the routine gives you the ability to [shift] around your schedule, rotating through the days. For example, many lifters, myself included, will do two rotations of PPL in a week, with one rest day before repeating the cycle. Others who don't have the time or need to lift as often, will turn this into a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine. The possibilities really are endless based on a lifter's availability to get into the gym and ability to recover from lifting sessions.”