“I'm a professional adventure athlete [and] this time of year I do a six week cycle focused on muscular endurance,” said Patrick Sweeney, who holds a world record in mountain biking, finished second in the Olympic trials for rowing and hosts adventure shows. “I choose 10 exercises and do 30-40% of my 1 rep maximum in weight. Then I do 50-60 reps of each exercise. The only rest I get in between each exercise is switching from one exercise to the next. This is an awesome off-season workout for bikers, skiers, mountaineers and climbers and really keeps power going at the end of long races and helps prevent injuries.”

A sample of his workout:
1. Leg press or Squats
2. Leg Curls
3. Incline sit ups
4. Back Extension
5. Hip Adduction Machine
6. Front pull-downs
7. Upright rows
8. Kettlebell Bench Press
9. Bosu ball curls
10. Side box jumps