Remember slap bracelets, that late 80s/early 90s schoolyard fad? Brooks has brilliantly re-purposed the whimsical idea and brought it back as a sensible commuter accessory. While you can buy a DayGlo reflective pants strap at the checkout counter of most any bike shop, this simple spring-loaded leather-clad device offers a classy way to keep clean on your commute without looking so much like a crossing guard. The Brooks Trouser Strap helps keep pant legs out of the way of your bike's grease-caked chain. Brooks is better known for its iconic full-grain leather saddles, but hats off to the 147-year-old company for coming up with a novel application of an otherwise useless technology and even further kudos for offering the Trouser Strap in an eight-color spectrum of options. While you may find some colors available online, your best bet to find Brooks product is through your trusty neighborhood bike shop. Choose from the staid/sophisticated black, brown, honey or mustard options or funkier apple-green, turquoise, violet or raspberry models.
$25; brooksengland.com
—Chris Lesser