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If you’ve ever shopped for running shoes — whether online, at a sporting goods store or at a specialty shop — then you’re probably quite aware of the fact that most sneakers come at a pretty steep price. But is it really necessary to shell out more than $100 (and in some cases more than $200) to ensure you’re getting a quality running shoe?   

Maybe not. A recent study conducted by RunRepeat.com examined 134,867 user reviews for 391 different running shoes from 24 brands. The results revealed that on average, expensive running shoes are more frequently rated worse than cheaper ones.

“People buy three times as expensive shoes to get eight percent less satisfaction,” said Jens Jakob Andersen, founder or RunRepeat.com. “This makes me question the consumerism we are experiencing towards premium running shoes."

Andersen noted that the goal of the study was purely to inform users and help them make better choices when choosing running shoes, not to hurt or promote any specific brands. Which shoes specifically are the most overpriced, though? Well, of course such a list can’t be definitively defined — after all, the quality of a shoe is somewhat subjective — but as part of its report, RunRepeat pointed out the 10 most expensive running shoes and the respective “Runscore” for each.

Here, that list is organized from best to worst rated. Essentially, we felt that just because a shoe is the most expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most overpriced, so we let the RunRepeat user and expert reviews (which are used to compile the Runscore) hold more weight. In other words, if an expensive shoe has a higher rating, then perhaps there’s more justification in its price tag. Curious to find out which sneakers may not be worth shelling out for? Here’s a look at what just may be some of the most overpriced running shoes on the market right now.