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Swimming Safety: The Most Important Step Parents Must Take

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When the weather is warm up, people tend to want to spend more of their time outside. While there are plenty of kid-friendly outdoor activities, going swimming is one of the more popular things to do. Whether it is in a pool or at a beautiful lake, kids love playing in the water to beat the heat.

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While going swimming with your kids at a pool, river or lake sounds like a great time, there are some water safety tips that are important for parents to take into consideration to ensure everybody in and near the water is safe.

According to the Red Cross, one of the most important things a parent can do is recognize it is each parent’s responsibility to watch over their kids. Although there might be lifeguards on duty to watch over those in and around the water and to rescue people who get into difficulty while swimming, parents or other adults should maintain constant supervision. It is your responsibility to know your child’s whereabouts and make sure they are staying safe.


Young children should not be left unattended near water, and older children should swim with a buddy nearby. Making sure kids are supervised is just one of the many water safety tips it is important for you to know.