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25 Best Cities for Jobs

25 Best Cities for Jobs

Need a job?

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Whether you just graduated from college or you're looking for a new job opportunity, it can be difficult to figure out where you should start. It can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But when it comes to getting a job, these are the best cities in America to look. 

A report released by WalletHub determined the best cities to get a job in based on rankings for two major categories: job market and socioeconomics. Cities scored points in the job market category for factors like job opportunities, industry variety, access to internships and job security. Cities scored in the socioeconomics category for factors like median annual income, family-friendliness and housing affordability. Here are the top 25 cities for jobs in the U.S.

#25 Salt Lake City, Utah

#25: Salt Lake City, Utah

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Utah is not only one of the happiest states in America, but it’s also a good place to work. Salt Lake City ranks fourth overall for most job opportunities and 35th in both job market and socioeconomics, earning the city its spot at No. 25 overall.

#24 Reno, Nevada

#24 Reno, Nevada

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Although Reno is not the romantic adventure that Las Vegas is, it is the best in the state for getting a job. Reno is No. 1 for the highest employment growth. This city came in at No. 20 in the job market ranking, which helped it earn an overall ranking of 24.

#23 Columbia, Maryland

#23: Columbia, Maryland

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Maryland does have some of the weirdest laws in America but it also has one of the best cities for jobs. Columbia is among the cities with the highest median annual income. This city ranks sixth in terms of socioeconomics.

#22 Huntington Beach, California

#22: Huntington Beach, California

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Best known for its beautiful beach, this seaside city ranks 24th in the job market category and 43rd for socioeconomics.

#21 Seattle, Washington

#21: Seattle, Washington

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Washington is among the states with the lowest state income tax and is home to huge companies such as Amazon. Seattle boasts one of the highest average starting salaries. The city ranks 19th in socioeconomics, helping it earn its ranking of No. 21 overall.

#20 Gilbert, Arizona

#20: Gilbert, Arizona

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The first of four cities from Arizona on this list, this underrated spot has a great job market, according to WalletHub. Gilbert is among the cities with the highest median annual income, and it ranks 16th in terms of job market, helping it climb inside the top 20 overall.

#19 Nashua, New Hampshire

#19: Nashua, New Hampshire

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Stunning fall foliage and a solid job market are perfect reasons to look twice at Nashua. This New Hampshire city wasn’t a standout in any one category but came in 27th for job market and 16th in socioeconomics.

#18 Orlando, Florida

#18: Orlando, Florida

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Even though there are big changes coming to Disney World in the next year, the job market in Orlando is doing well. Orlando has a job market ranking of 15 and an overall ranking of 18.

#17 Cedar Rapids, Iowa

#17: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Located in a state known for its state fair and college football, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, came in first for most affordable housing in WalletHub’s survey. This city also fared well in terms of socioeconomics, ranking ninth.

#16 Charleston, South Carolina

#16: Charleston, South Carolina

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One of the most romantic cities in the world, Charleston, South Carolina, is also one of the best for jobs in America. It ranks first in the nation for job opportunities and 16th overall.

#15 San Jose, California

#15: San Jose, California

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Although California is the most populous state in the U.S., this city is full of job opportunities. San Jose ranks ninth when it comes to its job market and cracked the top 15 overall. San Jose offers first-time job seekers one of the highest average starting salaries in the country.

#14 Pearl City, Hawaii

#14: Pearl City, Hawaii

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Hawaii is known for having some of the prettiest waters in the world, but it also has cities with great job outlooks. Pearl City ranks seventh in the job market category, helping to propel it to the 14th-best city for jobs overall.

#13 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

#13: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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One of the biggest and most well-known East Coast cities, Pittsburgh hangs its hat on its No. 7 ranking in terms of socioeconomics.

#12 Plano, Texas

#12: Plano, Texas


Texas has one of the tastiest state dishes in all of America as well as some of the top cities for jobs. Plano ranks 17th in the job market and 28th in socioeconomics.

#11 Overland Park, Kansas

#11: Overland Park, Kansas


At No. 21 in terms of the job market and No. 15 in socioeconomics, Overland Park, Kansas comes in at No. 11 overall. The city boasts one of the highest median annual incomes in the country, and if that sounds good to you, the next step might be to check the average home price.

#10 Boise, Idaho

#10: Boise, Idaho

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Idaho is home to stunning natural sites, but even if you aren’t an outdoorsman, it is a place to consider because of the job prospects. Boise ranks 19th in the job market category and eighth in socioeconomics, allowing it to crack the top 10 overall. It ranks third for employment growth.

#9 Portland, Maine

#9: Portland, Maine

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Maine is full of cities that are hidden East Coast gems, and for the job hunter, Portland could be one of them. The city ranks 10th in terms of job market and 26th in socioeconomics.

#8 Tempe, Arizona

#8: Tempe, Arizona

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Another Arizona city, Tempe fared well in both categories, ranking 14th for job market and 11th for socioeconomics. It also happens to be a fantastic college town.

#7 Boston, Massachusetts

#7: Boston, Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is among the states that get the most snowfall, but the cold weather may be worth it if you’re looking for a job. Unaffordable housing hurts Boston in terms of socioeconomics, but the city ranked fifth in job market, helping earn it its place in the top 10 overall.

#6 Chandler, Arizona

#6: Chandler, Arizona

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If you wanna get away from the cold weather, Arizona is one of the most affordable warm-weather winter destinations, but it is also home to some great cities for finding a job, including Chandler. It ranks inside the top 15 in both the job market and the socioeconomics categories. It also has one of the highest median annual incomes in the country.

#5 Fremont, California

#5: Fremont, California

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One of four California cities on the list, Fremont ranks fourth in the job market category. It is also among the cities offering job seekers the highest average starting salaries.

#4 Austin, Texas

#4: Austin, Texas

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There are a lot of things you probably didn’t know about Texas, perhaps chief among them that its capital city is a great place to find a job. With ranks of No. 6 in the job market category and No. 21 in the socioeconomics category, the city is fourth overall.

#3 San Francisco, California

#3: San Francisco, California

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Not only is San Francisco one of the most caring cities in America, but it’s also one of the best cities to find a job, ranking third in terms of job market. San Francisco has one of the highest monthly average starting salaries as well as one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

#2 South Burlington, Vermont

#2: South Burlington, Vermont

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Vermont is a great place to visit in the fall, and South Burlington might be perfect year-round for anyone looking for a job. This city ranks inside the top 10 in both major categories, and first in job market. It’s also among the cities with the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

#1 Scottsdale, Arizona

#1: Scottsdale, Arizona

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Topping the list is Scottsdale, Arizona, which ranks second in the job market category and fourth in terms of socioeconomics. Scottsdale ties for first for the highest median annual income and ranks inside the top 10 in the family-friendliness category. If family-friendliness is a major factor for you in determining where to move, check out the 15 best states to raise a family.

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