Fast-Fingered Olympians: The Pre-Tweets

Olympics runners thinking out loud in the run-up to the Games

With the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games just days away, most of the top middle- and long-distance Olympians seem relaxed and ready to race. Get caught up with them on Twitter—no easy task, given that they tweet nearly as fast as they runwith this quick, non-controversial roundup from the past few days.

Bernard Lagat (5000m, USA) @Lagat1500
Going for a two-hour walk with family in #Metzingen, Germany. It’s a small and unique city for shopping. Love this place … Google it! (July 24)

Nick Willis (1500m, NZL) @nickwillis
Sooo relaxing here in Spoleto. Almost forgot the Olympics start in three days!

Day in Italy: morning jog, stretch, soak in mountain stream, haircut, lunch (pizza), 2 hr nap, run stretch, massage, dinner.

Everything that is normally a routine, mundane task has just a little more feel of class when done around the culture of Italy … (July 24)

Andrew Wheating (1500m, USA) @AndrewWheating
I've hit my head on so many door frames since being here... what event am I racing again? (July 24)

If I was @MichaelPhelps I’d dive at the finish. #Zing! (July 23)

Ryan Hall (Marathon, USA) @ryanhall3
Rain on day off … perfect! (July 23)

So bummed to learn that Flagstaff has poison oak. I feel like a poison oak magnet. Going to be an itchy night! (July 22)

I’m totally buying this for my trip to London!

Lisa Uhl (10,000m, USA) @lisa_uhl
Off to Europe today for the start of my journey to @LO2012! Testing the blogging waters on this trip. (July 23)

Paula Radcliffe (Marathon, GBR) @paulajradcliffe
World 1500m leader Alaoui Selsouli (MAR) will miss Olympics as she’s tested positive at Paris DL. Good riddance! (July 23)

Shalane Flanagan (Marathon, USA) @ShalaneFlanagan
Two weeks from today I hope to give justice to all the training I have put it and show how much I appreciate everyone’s support. (July 22)

Meb Keflezighi (Marathon, USA) @runmeb
An autographed copy of my book sold for $1200 at the Eastern Sierra Land Trust auction. Thx to @BillWalton for setting a high initial bid. (July 22)

Amy Hastings (10,000m, USA) @HastyHastings
Thanks @wyntonmarsalis for the beautiful concert in Birmingham. I am a fan for life and completely in love with Jazz! (July 22)

Mo Farah (5000m and 10,000m, GBR) @Mo_Farah
Happy Birthday Rhi Rhi!!! Sorry I can’t be there with you!! 7 today!! Big girl now!!! Shabba (July 22)

Desiree Davila (Marathon, USA) @des_davila
Insult to injury—Clint put Toddlers and Tiaras on TV, 2 miles into my 12 on AlterG. Left the remote JUST out of reach. Love the humor.