Fall Running and Triathlon Special

The tips, gear and inspiration to get your through this season
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As the days grow shorter and temperatures cool off, we reach peak race season. Weeks, months or years of training culminate for athletes of various levels as they compete in any one of hundreds of marathons or triathlons across the nation. 

On the final countdown to race day, you need to make sure that you're at peak physical and mental condition. To help you prepare, we've compiled all the resources you'll need for your best performance yet, including training and nutrition tips, gear reviews and inspirational stories. 


Triathlon Tips
• Nail Your Triathlon Weak Sport 
• 7 Race Day Gear Blunders Triathletes Can Avoid 
• Fitness Tip of the Day: Pre-Race Sleep Matters 
• Triathlon Tips: How to Speed Up Your Swim
• Your First Triathlon: What Nobody Tells You
• Setting Up A Road Bike For Triathlon


Running: Inspiration
• Slideshow: Patagonia International Marathon     
• Bizarre Race Challenges of 2012      
 In It for the Long Haul: Tips from Scott Jurek
 Nikki Kimball Smashes Long Trail Record
 What Makes the Perfect Runner?
 The Slowest Marathon. Ever.   
 Video: The Trail Back from Injury   
 Video: The Race to the Bottom   
 Video: Cross Country Fail


Running: Injury Prevention
• Are certain footstrikes better for your body?     
• Have Knee Pain? Your Butt Might Be To Blame.
Dean Karnazes’ Injury-Prevention Tips
• The Cold Hard Truth About Ice Baths



Running: Nutrition Tips
Fuel for the Fire Inside
Fitness Tip of the Day: Smarter Carbs
The Art of Snacking For Endurance Athletes
 Pros’ Favorite No-Pasta Pre-Race Dinners
 Is Spaghetti Killing Your Race Time?


Running: Training & Recovery Tips
The Three Most Common Tapering Mistakes
Six Ways CrossFit Benefits Runners
Single-Leg Drills For Balanced Running
• The Best Kind of Hill Workout: Downhill
• Why A Better Lactate Threshold Means Faster Times
• Run Right: Tips for Cold-Weather Workouts
• Run Right: Find Your Motivation
• Run Right: Change Up Your Workout
• The Importance of Marathon Recovery
• The Four Best Types Of Massage For Runners


Running: Race!
Picture This: Train Your Brain to Faster Times
Does Sex Improve Race Performance?

• Find Your Best Race Weight
 How to: Run Your First 5K or 10K Race
 How to: Prep For Your First Adventure Race
 10 Best Marathons to Run in America
 Heavy Stuff
 NYC Marathon: Live and in Your Living Room
 Runners Unite to Reclaim Bag-Rights


Running: Gear
Review: Polar RCX5 GPS Watch
Gear Radar: Hydration Packs For Runners
Fall 2012 Running Shoe Review
 The iPhone App That Could Save Your Life
 8 Essential Trail Running Accessories
 The Five Best Energy Bars
 Great Gear: The North Face Verto Jacket
 Cool Running
 Run Right: Gear up for the Cold


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