Easy Weekend Getaways from 9 Major U.S. Cities

Short and sweet summer trips to fit even the busiest schedule

In a perfect world we would all have stress-free jobs, as many vacation days as we wanted and access to private jets to take us wherever we might want to go on a whim. This world, however, is imperfect and for those of us with full-time jobs and no private jet, getting away from day-to-day stresses can seem impossible. [slideshow:1024]

We’ve written before about the long work days and limited vacation time that many people face and we’ve given tips on the best ways to deal with a full-time job and a serious case of wanderlust. One of the suggestions for satiating your appetite for travel is taking weekend trips (or long weekend trips) to nearby places. These little escapes allow you to enjoy time away without being all that far from home, maximizing relaxation while minimizing travel time.

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We’ve assembled our own list of relaxing destinations that are only a few short hours from nine major cities. These cities with massive populations are destinations themselves, but for those who live and work there, an occasional weekend getaway is certainly necessary.

Nearly all of our picks can be reached in less than three hours and can be enjoyed over the course of a single weekend. The one exception is a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, which was included for the people of Phoenix.

Over on the West Coast, people leaving Seattle can find some of the best sea kayaking in the U.S. off the shores of the San Juan Islands and those fleeing Los Angeles can find adventure zip lining on Santa Catalina Island. Across the country in the East, Bostonians have easy access to a fantastic golf course and New Yorkers are centrally located amongst some picturesque wineries.

Some of our picks can even be reached by public transit or, if you’re truly ambitious, by bicycle, and all of these spots are well worth the short trip.

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