Think Ultra-Running Doesn't Hurt? Watch This.

Watch Nikki Kimball's painful quest to complete the Long Trail in record time

When you read about the insane feats of ultrarunners, it's easy to forget the physical cost and mental anguish required to complete races such as the Leadville Trail 100 or the Yukon Arctic Ultra 300-mile. We sometimes write these athletes off as super-humans who are immune to pain and can log an easy 50-miler before breakfast each morning. 

In 2012, ultrarunner Nikki Kimball smashed the 271-mile Long Trail Record by more than two days. Although it was an incredible feat, it didn't earn more than 500 words on most websites. Until you see the footage by Partnership Productions, it's hard to image what it was like for Kimball to finish a trail that includes 67,000-feet of elevation gain and crosses Vermont's highest peaks in five days.

After you watch this trailer, however, it's clear that ultrarunners feel pain just as acutely as the rest of us. What sets them apart is the mental discipline to push pash their limits again and again.