Daily Detox: 7 Easy Ways to Renew and Refresh

Keep your body at its best with these simple healthy habits

You’ve heard dozens of sales pitches for detoxifying juice cleanses and you’ve seen some bizarre cleansing solutions on the internet—foot detox patches, anyone? But the truth is a lot of the detox products out there are just gimmicks.

Even if you fell for it—and who hasn’t briefly tried an awful juice cleanse—there’s good news. You can make simple everyday habits that will help your body rid itself of toxins, pollutants and disease. A quick trip to the grocery store (and perhaps a stop at a Bikram yoga studio) will give you everything you need to make healthy detoxing a daily routine.

#1 Start each morning with lemon water. Staying hydrated is just one of the benefits of beginning each day with a glass of water. Add fresh lemon juice to create a detoxifying mixture. The lemon juice helps balance your body’s pH, which aids in digestion and liver function.

#2 Fit in regular cardio. Exercise brings countless benefits, one of which is a cleansed, healthy body. Regular cardiovascular exercise will strengthen the heart and improve circulation. Exercise has also been shown to improve the function of the lymph and digestion systems.

#3 Sweat it out. Sweat is a byproduct of a tough workout and another way the body rids itself of toxins. Boost your regular sweat sessions by taking them from the treadmill and into a hot yoga studio once in a while or hit the sauna at the end of your workout.

#4 Get a Massage. Foam rollers and self-massage are great tools that you can use daily to help with muscle recovery and circulation. Rid the body of toxins (and stress) a few times a week and treat yourself to a professional massage every now and then.

#5 Exfoliate your skin. It’s easy to forget that the skin is an organ—but it is. In addition to eating healthy, exfoliating can help rid the skin of dead cells and toxins while stimulating the lymph system.

#6 Eat whole foods. Eating well, like exercising regularly, brings innumerable benefits. Whole foods provide the body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes found in whole foods help the body manage and dispose of toxins effectively.

#7 Drink tea. Rich in antioxidants, tea helps with hydration, digestion and appetite control. As if those reasons weren’t good enough, many kinds of tea also help fight disease and offer a gentle caffeine boost.

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