Cyclists Protest the Bulkiness of Cars in the Best Way Possible

Brightly colored car skeletons roamed the streets of Riga for a great cause

Cities around the world are slowly taking a turn toward the sustainable, in part by becoming more bike-friendly. Protected lanes and bike-to-work programs are making urban riding safer and more enjoyable for cyclists, but there’s still a long way to go.

Some just don’t support the cycling infrastructure; there are drivers who simply don’t feel like sharing the road.

Latvian cyclists from the group Let’s bike it sent a clear message to those drivers in the form of a car skeleton. The inventive visual protest was meant to show just how much room cars take up on the road and how much space would be saved if more people rode bikes.

The cyclists built these skeleton car frames and painted them with bright colors so the outline of the car would stand out. Wearing the frames on their shoulders, they cycled through the streets of Riga. The statement was part of European Mobility Week, an event that celebrates and explores the role of sustainable mobility in Europe.

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