Swisschamp XAVT from Craziest Swiss Army Knives

Craziest Swiss Army Knives

Swisschamp XAVT


This knife seriously packs a punch. It’s small enough to still be considered a pocket knife (well, if you have a big pocket) but is loaded with 80 different tools. Any tool you can think of, it’s got it, from a screwdriver, to an LED light, to a thermometer. For the Swiss Army knife enthusiast, this has got to be on your wish list.
Buy it at Victorinox for $510

Victorinox David Yurman Collection


This collection of Swiss Army knives are intricately detailed with a sterling silver body. Victorinox partnered with David Yurman, an American jewelry and timepiece designer to create these beautifully distinctive knife creations. Carry them with care, or keep them on display, the price may be a little too high for everyday use.
Buy them at Victorinox from $495-$595

Swisschamp XLT


This loaded multi-tool may not have as many tools as the bigger XAVT, but still lives up to its champion name with 50 tools. You will always be prepared with this good-looking tool in your pocket. Whether you use it for whittling, or need it for camping, this is truly an excellent tool.
Buy it at Victorinox for $297.50

Barley Corn Silver Classic


This elegant and sophisticated twist on the classic is the perfect gift for a businessman. It only has seven implements, but it just screams class. Those seven classic tools include some of our Swiss Army knife favorites like scissors, a blade, nail file, and a toothpick.
Buy it at Victorinox for $247

Classic Gold Ingot


Yes, that is real gold. The Classic SD Gold Ingot contains a gram gold ingot within its super sleek black casing. You may prefer to keep this little guy at home in a display case as a nice collector’s item to show off to friends.
Buy it at Victorinox for $268

Charles Elsener Sr. Limited Edition Damascus Explorer


As a dedication to the grandson of the founder, Victorinox launched this special collectors item. There were only 520 sold in the U.S. It holds 15 tools in it’s classic wooden design including blades, hooks, and even a magnifying glass.
Buy it on Amazon for $299.95

SwissChamp SOS Kit


Another tool in the SwissChamp family is the SOS kit. It includes a total of 101 survival features including products such as a sharpening stone, writing paper, bandage strips, sewing thread, matches, a signal mirror and a compass. This knife is perfect for the survivalist minimalist who is ready to hit the outdoors.
Buy it at Victorinox for $210

Traveller Lite


Add some tech to your tool with this nighttime friendly Swiss Army Knife. The Traveller Lite has everything you need on your next overnight hike including an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, LED light, and digital clock with an alarm.
Buy it at Victorinox for $190.50

Slim Jettsetter 32GB


Protect your most sacred files in your pocket with this Swiss Army flash drive combo. The detachable flash drive is included with the businessman’s necessary tools including scissors, a screwdriver, wire stripper, and ballpoint pen.
Buy it at Victorinox for $100



You don’t want to get stranded on an island without this tool. This tool includes everything you need for a trip at sea including a shackle opener, marlin spike, lock blade, and pliers. And all you need to survive an island adventure.
Buy it at Victorinox for $90.50