Could this Cardboard Invention Make Cycling More Practical?

Packtasche could make the simple act of grocery shopping much easier for cyclists

With all the technological advancements now at our disposal it seems that apps have become the default solution to everyday problems. Technology can be great, but sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.

Introducing Packtasche—a cardboard panier that fits on a rear bike rack and makes urban cycling more practical. The designers came up with the idea after years of cycling around Vienna, struggling with traditional grocery bags and watching people opt for cars instead of bikes while running errands.

The main idea is to provide Packtasche in grocery stores alongside other bags, so cyclists aren’t burdened with remembering and then toting around large travel bags. The designers Matthias Lechner and Philipp Moherndl told Fast Company they designed the Packtasche to get people out of cars and onto bikes, even for simple trips like grocery shopping.

The bike would be the perfect means of traveling through cities if it was not for the issue of shopping and transportation of things…You can stop in front of the store, step inside, get a Packtasche, do all your shopping in it, put it on your rack, and you're ready to go.

The Packtasche was designed to be picked up at the riders convenience, used a few times (the designer said he’s used one for more than 70 trips) and then recycled. It’s said to be sturdier than a plastic bag and it holds up even in light rain.

Up until now cyclists who wanted to bring along a few things could either buy an expensive pannier bag (and try to ensure it doesn’t get stolen) or struggle to carry grocery bags on their handlebars, which isn’t safe. Backpacks aren’t typically ideal for groceries and there’s still the issue of remembering to bring one along in the first place.

The Packtasche is a cheap, simple solution that will make cyclists’ lives easier, safer and may even bring a few drivers out of their cars and onto bikes. With the help of advertising partners, Lechner and Moherndl are giving them away to grocery stores but they eventually plan to sell them to the stores, in the same way that traditional bags are sold.

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