Top Turkey Trots Across the U.S. from Top Turkey Trots Across the U.S.

Top Turkey Trots Across the U.S.

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Top Turkey Trots Across the U.S.

For runners and non-runners alike, aside from say, football, turkey and pumpkin pie, the turkey trot is one our country’s most popular Thanksgiving Day traditions.

And for good reason, too.  What better way to kick-off a food-centric holiday than with a fun bout of physical activity? Even more fittingly, most turkey trots are held in support of charitable organizations and causes, which of course allows runner to celebrate what the day is really all about—giving thanks and giving back.

All across the country, from big cities to small towns, communities continue to host turkey trot races because, put quite simply, the thanksgiving season just wouldn’t be complete without them.

From the lake shores of the West Coast to the East Coast’ s New England area and everywhere in between, here’s a look at some of the top turkey trot races all around the U.S.


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