Airlines With The Most Hidden Fees from Airlines With The Most Hidden Fees

Airlines With The Most Hidden Fees


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Airlines With The Most Hidden Fees

Airline fees – every traveler’s nightmare. Getting hit with extra charges when you check a bag, finding out you have to pay to print your boarding pass and the shock of realization, when the airline tells you that you have to pay extra to travel with your sporting equipment.

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Pillows and blankets, online booking fees, credit card transaction fees, rebooking a flight, and in-flight snacks are just some of the many hidden fees airlines rarely tell you about.

Now this is not to say all airlines are trying to dig in your pockets. Yes, they have hidden fees, but they also make up for them in their own way.

With the help of airline specific websites and other sites including money crashers and airfarewatchdog, I have compiled a list, in no specific order, of the airlines with the most hidden fees.


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