The Most Expensive States for Vacationers from The Most Expensive States for Vacationers

The Most Expensive States for Vacationers

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The Most Expensive States for Vacationers

RewardExpert set out to dive into the state American vacationing by analyzing spending figures from transportation and lodging to food and entertainment. The numbers for each state represent how much residents of that state are spending on their vacations. For example, you’ll notice the numbers for Alaska are quite high; that's because they are so far removed from everything, so by default travel costs are much higher.


10. New Jersey

Average vacation expenditures: $741.49

New Jersey is not a cheap state to live in. People will need about $90-$95K to live comfortably. Home prices in Jersey are lower than in California or New York. Many residents work in New York City because wages are higher, leaving theme extra money to spend. The Princeton area is a world of its own in terms of living standards. A simple dinner and a movie night out is about $90.


9. Minnesota

Average vacation expenditures: $750.57

Minnesotans are huge travel spenders. Citizens of the Gopher State spend 24.4 percent more on their average vacation than residents of Indiana, the lowest-ranked state in the Midwest. Locals spend 16.1 percent more on vacations than the average state in the region. Minnesota is one of the most financially stable states in the nation. State unemployment sat at 3.8 percent as of April 2017, which is lower than the 4.4 percent national level.


8. Utah

Average vacation expenditures: $750.87

You can do the math. A basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district in Salt Lake City is about $11; the monthly rent for 900 square feet furnished accommodation in an expensive area is just over $1,400; and the median household income is $45,833. You would have money to spend on vacation, too. Besides, five of the most adventurous national parks in the country are in Beehive State. They are not expensive to visit, so locals have even more money to spend on vacations outside the state.


7. Colorado

Average vacation expenditures: $754.70

Colorado is a vacation paradise year round, but it’s especially famous in the winter. This is where many of the best ski resorts are located, and they don’t come cheap.  Vail, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Crested Brutte, Buttermilk – the slopes at all of these places have been ranked very high for beginners, as well as advanced skiers. And the towns near them are great for non-skiers, too.


6. Washington

Average vacation expenditures: $762.03

With an average wage in excess of about $57,000 a year – and they are not offset somewhat by a high cost of living – residents are lucky to have high incomes without an unusually high cost of living. Washington has no state income tax, so its residents get to keep more of those high salaries.


5. D.C.

Average vacation expenditures: $773.81

Washington D.C. is full of family-friendly activities. Take the kids to the Asia Trail, gaze up at the starts at Rock Creek Park, go shopping at the National Mall, and have some fun at the East Potomac Golf Course. You can’t go to the capital without visiting the variety of museums. Take your family to the National Museum of Natural History, the National Building Museum and the National Museum of American History. Then make sure you visit the Washington Monument, the National Harbor and the Capital Wheel. 


4. Connecticut

Average vacation expenditures: $790.65

The standard of living in Connecticut is high. In fact, the state is often among the most expensive states to live in America. That’s why it’s not surprising that residents tend to spend a lot on vacations. Entertainment and clothing are among the most expensive. If $75,000 is the ideal income, you'd need to earn close to $94,000 to achieve the same standard of living that that amount will get you in Florida.


3. Maryland

Average vacation expenditures: $812.71

Maryland is known as a wealthier state, so locals have the resources to spend more on their vacations. Residents tend to spend the most on vacations in the region; they spend a whopping 45.6 percent more than Mississippi per vacation. The Old Line State also clinched the third spot in the happiest states in 2017 ranking.


2. New Hampshire

Average vacation expenditures: $820.87

New Hampshire has the deepest pockets in the Northeast when it comes to vacation spending, coming in at second-highest nationally. With an extremely low unemployment rate of 2.8 percent, and relatively high income levels, folks from New Hampshire are more likely to have the cash for travel. Hampshirites spend 32.9 percent more per vacation than people from Maine, which is the lowest spender in the region.


1. Alaska

Average vacation expenditures: $851.21

With an average domestic trip cost of $851.21 and a foreign travel expenditure of $4,778.72, Alaska, which should be your next bucket list destination, has by far the largest vacation spending totals of any state. Travel to any other state in the country is much further than any of the other states, and the airline infrastructure in Alaska is relatively under developed and is therefore more expensive. In general, this distance makes traveling an expensive endeavor for Alaskans.

The Most Expensive States for Vacationers