20 Best Superfoods for Spring from 20 Best Superfoods for Spring

20 Best Superfoods for Spring

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20 Best Superfoods for Spring

If you need a nutritional punch but don’t have time to cook meals or plan your lunches a week in advance, superfoods are your best option for providing your body with all the minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants you need to fight disease.

Some foods have the power to improve mood, energy, metabolism and vision even when you consume them in small doses. Spring is one of the best times to find these supercharging healthy treats, as many of them are in season now. After all, the general rule to eat healthy and cheap is to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.  

Such powerhouse foods are not their own category. “Superfood” is simply a marketing term used to describe produce and other items in the grocery stores that are rich in nutrients lowering bad cholesterol and the risk of heart problems, cancer and other diseases.

One way to recognize spring superfoods is by color; they resemble all the hues you see outside – green, yellow, pink or blue. The more colorful your plate is with fruits and vegetables in season, the more “super” your meal is.  


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