Confused About Supplements? Try This Online Tool

New widget at grades supplements according to science

Here at The Active Times, we cover diet with some regularity and, admittedly, can be guilty of cluttering your brain with study after study about the health effects of vitamin D or fish oil or  caffeine. Google any supplement you please, and you’ll end up with a bewildering list of sometimes contradictory, and less often authoritative, sources telling you that ginger tea helps with migraines or creatine helps you build muscle.

And while we have attempted, on occasion, to help you sort through this information for usable nuggets of dietary information, we’re going to have to respectfully bow before the efforts of the folks at, a website dedicated to collating the latest research into supplements and nutrition.

This week they debuted their newest tool, the “Human Effect Matrix,” which collects available data on a given supplement (say, green tea), cross-references with its supposed effects (like fat oxidation), and grades the evidence for those effects based the strength of the science, with links to all the studies, to boot.

Two years in the making, according to their announcement, the tool lets you search by supplement—they’re up to 278 and counting—or by effect. Grades are backed by their database of over 17,000 studies.

The concept is so simple, and confusion about supplements so pervasive, it’s a wonder it took someone this long to do it.

Via Greatist.

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