Compression Apparel for Every Athlete

Compression Apparel for Every Athlete

Aspaeris Pivot Shorts™

The double layers of this short are promoted as providing extra support and proper muscle alignment, especially for female runners, with the benefit of helping guide the knee into proper loading position for optimal joint loading.

CW-X Stablyx Tights

The webbed style of this tight provides additional support to the hamstring and knee, similar to sports tape that many athletes with IT Band issues use. According to studies by the brand, compared to typical running shorts this proper alignment results in up to 36% improved efficiency.

ProCompression Socks

A long-time player in the performance compression sock line, ProCompression continues to provide comfort for your feet with neon orange, holiday, and heart-decorated designs making them both functional and fun fashion for runners. Additionally, ProCompression offers low rise compression socks for soothing tired feet during times when the knee-high style isn't as acceptable.

Blitz Knee Compression Sleeve

This piece of gear from 110% combines compression and ice to create the ultimate recovery knee sleeve. It includes 360 degree ice pockets, which allow for placing of the provided ice packs after a workout so athletes can enjoy the benefits of complete cooling without the frustration of a sliding bag of peas.

Orca Calf Stirrup

The calf stirrup provides support to your ankles while leaving your toes free to wiggle. More than a calf sleeve but less than a full compression sock, the Orca also features 50 UPF making it a great addition to your summer training wardrobe.

CEP Skinsuit

Triathletes looking to capitalize on compression wear will find everything they’re looking for and more in the CEP Skinsuit, which is anatomically fitted for performance with light padding in the bottom, UPV 50, and breathable quick-drying fabric.