The Race for the Rest of Us: A New Tour de Europe

Ride from London to Istanbul in this 2,000-mile unsupported event
Staff Writer

If you feel envious watching Tour de France or Giro d'Italia cyclists sail through the open countryside, take heart: there’s now a (seriously) long-distance European challenge for amateurs.

The inaugural QuickEnergy Transcontinental Race will begin August 2 in London and end more than 2,000 miles later in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s an unsupported ride with no preset route. Mandatory checkpoints will ensure that riders face roughly similar challenges, and satellite tracking should quickly reveal any cheaters.

Riders will need to carry everything they need, from spare tires to food and water, and will be allowed to stop for supplies along the way. Although competitors are allowed to use maps and GPS devices, they’re encouraged to stop to ask for directions from locals. After all—who knows shortcuts better?

The event is organized by the adventurists, the same company responsible for the Rickshaw Run and the Mongol Rally. Registration is $145 and you can sign up on the competition website.

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