CLUG: The Tiniest Bike Storage Solution Ever?

This little cost-effective tool could change the way you store your bike at work and in the office Studios

The best inventions are developed in response to problems. That was the case when the staff at the design firm Hurdler Studios found their office in disarray each morning, the corner of the room overflowing with bikes. There were several storage options out there, but none that were small, attractive and cost-effective, so they set out to design a solution that hit all the marks.

After taking to the drawing board and developing their idea, they used a 3D printer to make their designs a reality. A handful of designs and tests later, their answer is the CLUG, a tiny, easy-to-install piece of equipment that hangs and protects both your wall and your bike. The CLUG can be used to display your bike in a number of ways, though one wheel does have to remain on the ground, and it comes in three sizes, accepting most tires. CLUG was designed to be just large enough to effectively hold a bike, but small enough to be unimposing when not in use.

The CLUG comes in a box with easy to follow directions for installation, including directions on exactly where to drill holes. If you would rather not put holes in the wall, you can also use a 3M strip.

So far the CLUG has been well received. They began crowd funding on with the goal of raising $32,000. When the campaign on June 14, a total of 3,990 people pledged $107,947 to the project. The extra money has gone into expanding the size options to accommodate almost any bike, as opposed to their initial design, which only fit road bikes. They are currently finalizing the design and will begin production in the fall. They plan to begin major shipments in September.

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