China Goes Crazy For Mountain Bikes

The sport is booming among members of the country's growing middle class

When you picture China, you might envision crowded streets, terrible pollution and sprawling cities with massive skyscrapers. Outside of the major urban areas, however, there are remarkably beautiful swaths of countryside.

It's here, amidst the country’s rolling hills and steep mountains, that a growing number of middle class Chinese pursue their new love of mountain biking.

The contrasts of the country recently surprised a group of professional mountain bikers, including Darcy Turenne, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter and Andrew Shando, who were invited to come share their skills and expertise with Chinese riders.

“When I came here I didn’t know what to expect,” Hunter said in the video above. “I’ve been so surprised to see the amount of open land and really good mountain bike terrain.”

In the film, you can see the incredible landscape, shots from the riders’ experience and China’s first chairlift access trail for mountain bikers.

The footage is also a fascinating glimpse at what could become a huge outdoor movement in the country. As more and more people gain the income required for outdoor recreation, interest in mountain biking and other sports could climb.  

Via Bike Magazine.