Cheapest Countries for Travelers

Cheapest Countries for Travelers

#10 Costa Rica

This slice of tropical paradise is a long-standing tourist hot spot due to its well-preserved wildlife, stunning natural scenery and its proximity to the U.S. Oh, and the fact that visitors can get by on as little as $40 a day doesn't hurt either. Book a round-trip flight for as little as $300 and enjoy infamous national parks, flawless beaches and towering volcanoes.

#9 Albania

Albania has been touted as a cheap alternative to Greece and Italy, as it features a rich history without the typical European price tag. The history shines through in the capital, Tirana, from the architecture to the museums, this city is a must-see. Travelers in Albania can get by on a budget of $40 a day.

#8 Peru

This classic destination for backpackers has it all. From the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu to the bustling capital, Lima, there’s something for every wandering traveler within the borders of Peru. $30 a day should be enough for comfortable travel in most areas of the country. 

#7 Sri Lanka

The commercial capital of the country, Colombo is a popular stop for those looking to take in the culture without breaking the bank, but Sri Lanka has much more to offer than just that one city. The history and natural beauty are major draws, as is the fact that travelers can enjoy touring the country for less than $30 a day.

#6 Nicaragua

A lesser-known traveler’s gem, Nicaragua is said to be the up-and-coming Latin American destination for those on a tight budget. The country is not yet invaded by tourists, so visit soon for a balance of unspoiled natural surroundings and charming cities, like Granada (pictured left). With a budget of $30 a day, backpackers should be totally satisfied.

#5 Vietnam

Despite the recent spike in popularity, Vietnam remains an affordable destination. Thanks in part to the favorable exchange rate for the dollar, travelers can easily get by on $20 a day.

#4 Thailand

Thailand is an ideal destination for backpackers. Pristine beaches, cheap and delicious food and Thai culture are major draws for adventurous travelers. Set aside just $20 a day for meals and overnight accommodation and travel in relative comfort.

#3 Cambodia

Certainly not a major destination for many, Cambodia is still somewhat of a travel secret. Among the array of attractions, Angkor Wat is arguably one of the most underrated historical sites in the world. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could try a fried tarantula which is served at roadside stands. Depending on your travel style, you could get by on $10 a day or spend $25 for relative comfort.

#2 India

India is the ultimate value and a backpacker’s haven, but be aware you won’t likely enjoy hot showers or air conditioning during your travels. If you can sacrifice some comforts and you’re aware of what’s going on in the country, you can enjoy trekking through India on as little as $20 a day. 

#1 Nepal

Nepal has lots to offer travelers on a budget—Asian culture, ancient temples and tea houses make the country an exceptional destination that’s perfect for trekking. On a bare bones budget, you could travel Nepal for $10 a day but $20 will buy comfort.