Brilliant New Collapsible Bike Fender

Prevent mud-butt with polyethylene origami from UK company Full Windsor

Full Windsor, a UK-based start-up design firm, is bringing its first wave of products to the U.S. market this summer. The company’s seminal product offering provides a brilliantly simple solution to the age-old problem or riding in inclimate weather—namely: the stipe of watery road spray that will find its way up any bike rider’s back if he or she is not properly protected.

The polyethylene mudguard comes in two versions—the QuickFix and the FoldNFix—both of which utilize the same structural benefits of folded and hinged polyethylene plastic. The QuickFix uses snaps to affix to most any road bike with simple snaps in seconds. The FoldNFix, takes a minute longer and attaches with Zip ties.

The fender system is compatible with 26- and 29-inch wheel mountain bikes, too, so long as the frame uses a dual seat-stay design—it won’t work with wishbone design.

“It has been tested during trail rides and works well,” says company founder Mark Windsor. “Its advantage over seat post mounted fenders is that if knocked it stays centered over the tire and doesn't have to be re-adjusted.”

Full Windsor is looking for a regular U.S. distributor, but until then its products are available on Kickstarter. The QuickFix sells for $20, and the FoldNFix goes for $15.

UPDATE: Since this post first ran Full Windsor has picked up a U.S. distributor in Ochsner USA, so you can now ask for the fenders at you local bike shop.