Hotspot Mountain Biking Destinations in Sedona

Sedona’s biking trails call out to every rider


Mountain biking is picking up across the country. The adventurous sport, especially in Sedona, is a must-do for any buccaneer. Several hot-spot single track locations for bikers also offer amazing outdoors vistas.

Voyaging through the region’s red rocks on a mountain bike is a bucket list item for many eager riders across the globe. Sedona holds something special for every type of rider, with killer trails nestled among striking scenery.

The mountain biking season arrives right on time for the exciting Sedona Mountain Bike Festival, beginning on March 3rd-5th. The following recommendations are from festival co-director Mike Raney. They range from beginner roads to the most advanced of single track.

The trails are perfect for riding through the fresh mountain air, getting some dirt on your spokes, and experiencing some of the best mountain biking in the country.

Newcomer – Bell Rock Pathway


With a tightly buckled helmet and a firm grip on the handle bars, beginner riders should head out to Sedona’s Bell Rock pathway. This combination hiking/biking trail is tidy and clean, but still winds through the high desert mountain landscape. This trail is top of the to-do list for first time riders, and has been pegged as the best place in Sedona to work on building mountain biking skills.

Mediocre – The Mescal Trail


To the gutsier of riders, be sure to take on a few of these intermediate paths. The Mescal trail traverses across the Mescal Mountain, a known vortex in the area. Not only is this a less technical trail, but the stunning views make it an absolute must-do.

The Chuck Wagon trial is a newer trail, known for its variety of desert landscapes. Lastly, located near Over The Edge bike shop is a group of Soldiers Wash Trails that are all mid-level, and include Javalina trail, Adobe Jack, Coyote, Grand Central, and Soldiers Pass Trail. If you’re stoked on trying a variety of unique trails, be sure to check these out.

Avant-Garde – The Hiline Trail


Experience and a bit of nerve are required for these next few trails, but don’t let the challenge daunt you. These rides are breathtaking, but with windy backroads and unexpected delights, these are rides for the most veteran of bikers. The Hiline trail has plenty of steady climbs, abundant views, and stacked red rock walls. Be cautious, some sections of the roads are labeled black diamond.

Broken Arrow – Chicken Point has also been tagged as a true classic of Sedona mountain biking. It crosses paths with the popular Jeep tour, has tons of slick rock, and includes stunning views all around. Finally, check out the Slim Shady trail, a quick and flowy downhill trail you’ll want to hit over and over.

Supreme – The Hangover Trail


One more, and a true thriller, is the Hangover trail. Known to advanced riders and the mecca of Sedona mountain biking, this course hosts jaw-dropping views and steep drops. This epic trail is reminiscent of the White Line trail that showcases spine-tingling adventure for the bravest of adrenaline junkies.

Sedona is friendly to any active mountain biker, but if guided tours are more your speed, check out Self Propelled Tours. This guided bike tour is approachable to all ages and offers a long scenic tour of valley. In addition, Absolute Bikes rents out road bicycles, and has information on friendly trails.

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