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Best Ways to Follow the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

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Team USA App


Team USA App: This app presents profiles of the athletes in a way no one else does, with full-body pictures and a seamless scroll feature. This is the best App for info on the U.S. athletes (shown left).

Sochi oCals: Worried about missing your favorite event? Don’t sweat it! This app allows you to choose your favorite sports and athletes and then adds the relevant events to your phones calendar.

NBC Sports Live Extra: No need to rush to the nearest TV to catch your favorite event, this app will live stream the Games to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Sochi 2014 Results: Quick and easy access to the results. The app boasts “real time” updates and is well designed.

Visa 360 cam: This app brings you into the Olympics in a whole new way. Pick a sport and select the 360 view and the app will take you through one of the athlete’s practice runs! The 360 features and super sharp graphics make it feel real.

The Olympic Athletes Hub

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) designed a page where you can easily find and follow your favorite Olympians. Each athlete’s page lists their fan base and aggregates their latest social media activity. When you sign in with your twitter or Facebook account you can earn points and unlock “exclusive content.”


The Official site: complete with a color-coded, easy to read schedule and all the run of the mill information.

A quick Google search will bring up all of the standard Sochi sites, but here are a few interactive features that bring the Sochi Games to your computer screen and help you understand the nuances of the Olympics a little better.

The Guardian has an interactive map feature that will help you get up close and well-acquainted with the venues in the comfort of your living room.

This Associated Press feature shows you everything there is to know about the Olympic torch, the Olympic Cauldron and the gold medal (which is made mostly of silver). This is the site shown on the left.

Since competitors don’t race at the same time during the Olympic games, it can be hard to grasp just how close the finishes are. The New York Times has an audible feature to help you understand what your eyes can’t always see.



NBC Olympics has posted some pictures of the venue and their correspondent Nastia Liukin on her Sochi adventures. Team USA has some great shots of athletes (like the picture to the left). We recommend following your favorite athletes for the best inside scoop. To follow many of the athlete’s journeys search the hashtag #roadtosochi.

Twitter/ @AtoBoldon


@Sochi2014 already has more than 100,000 followers. Right now they’re featuring some pre-Games photos and a countdown. When the Games begin this will be a prime source for Sochi updates.

@Olympics is IOC’s verified account, which will be buzzing with official info in just a few days.

You can always follow your favorite athletes, but you might also want to follow Olympic correspondents. Big names like Olympic champion figure skater Tara Lipinski (@tara_lipinski) and four-time Olympic track champ Ato Boldon (@Atoboldon) will be at Sochi working for NBC. They’ll be tweeting some exclusive insights from the unique perspective of former Olympic medalists.



The main pages on Facebook right now are NBC Olympics, Sochi 2014 Winter Games (which is the official page of the 2014 Olympics) and the Sochi 2014 Olympic Mascots page. The polar bear, the hare and the leopard are the official cartoon mascots for the Sochi Games and the Facebook page follows the stuffed animals on a tour around the Olympic Park.


NBC owns the exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympic Games and the network is taking advantage of the web. In line with their expansion to all other outlets, they have created a YouTube channel. The content is in line with their broadcast background: interviews with celebrities, promos, commercials and some athlete profiles.

In anticipation of the network coverage IOC’s Olympic channel hosts some unique segments. They have interactive video quizzes, historical moments and the “chicken or beef” series (which is a quick this-or-that type Q&A). IOC features a wider range of athletes, catering to a worldwide audience.

If you are a fan of Team USA, this will be your favorite YouTube page. All of the content is athlete-centric and some of it can be applied to your fitness routine. A few of the featured videos share inside information about the athlete’s diets, workouts and mentalities in format reminiscent of a documentary.

Best Ways to Follow the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics