Best Sports Headphones

Best Sports Headphones


Swim much? Fully submersible, the JLab GO allows you to take 800 or more of your favorite songs, literally, into the water. Simply plug the mini USB (the port is protected by a watertight, twist-and-lock plug) into your computer to update your playlist and charge the 10-hour battery. These headphones have seven pairs of soft silicone tips for a comfortable fit and a satisfying, tonally-balanced sound.
$100 (on sale now for $30);


More geek than freak, the Denon wireless sports headphone is a full-featured exercise tool with integrated amplifier that delivers superior sound for those who like the in-ear experience. The sweatproof earpiece has a swivel arm that allows for maximum adjustment to the ear tips to achieve the fullest sound. There’s even a reflective tab on the band for night runs.


These cord-free Bluetooth headphones wrap around the back of your head, providing top-notch audio and tangle-free training. Three pairs of sound-isolating earbud tips provide optimal fit, and the right ear control allows you to make calls and audio recordings, and adjust music levels during your workout. Rechargeable lithium batteries provide 4.5 hours of playtime and, as always, Jaybird offers a lifetime sweatproof guarantee.

Polk Audio

The Ultrafit 3000 is Polk Audio’s all-in-one sports machine. Built to stay put during the most vigorous of exercises, the full-spectrum speakers are constructed with adjustable ear clips to eliminate any slippage. The cords—with their Kevlar core and cloth exterior—are tough and don’t get tangled like plastic does. The three-button, in-line control is simple to use, and seven different eartips ensure a custom fit. Completely sweat- and moisture-resistant, the Ultrafit 3000s are happy with a rinse when your workout is done.


Motorola’s over-the-ear style headphones are simple, cozy and dependable, whether you’re running, cycling or engaging in a crushing CrossFit regimen. The rubber ear pieces are soft and sit well in the ear, isolating your sounds and giving you the motivation to get through that next set of squats.


The open-end style of the Intensity lets in a little outside noise, which is good for running or cycling in urban or heavy-traffic areas. And while the indoor isolationist might lament the slight loss in sound, they won’t be let down by the superior ergonomic design of the ear buds, which are comfortable for long-term use, and don’t jostle around during strenuous activities.


Built for serious wear and tear, the unique Inspire Duro headphones twist into place in the outer reaches of your ear canal for a comfortable fit that won’t fall out. Because of the ergonomic shape, they stay put but also pull out easily when you need to hear outside sounds. The sweatproof nature of the headphones extends from the speaker covering to the soft, tangle-free cloth cord that wears well next to skin and rinses off just the same.


Bose teamed with Reebok to create a total athletic headphone package with the SIE2i. They put Bose’s renowned sound quality into a stable, sweat- and water-resistant chassis that features a hydrophobic cloth cord and a Reebok Fitness armband to keep your smartphone or mp3 player out of the way. The result is a high-end, fully functional sound system so you can rock out on your workout. The three-button in-line remote makes calls and track changes easy, so you can keep the momentum—and motivation—going. The SIE2i had sound quality to match some of its higher-ranked competition, but its heavy price tag dragged it down our list.


The 210i boasts a smart, hybrid ear bud/in-ear design that rests softly at the mouth of the ear canal, and provides a full range, high-end acoustic experience in a sweatproof package. By design, they let in just enough ambient noise, so they work well indoors and out. Aluminum housing provides a durable, yet super lightweight feel, and the in-line microphone lets you answer calls while you workout (you know, assuming you’re not out of breath).


Like running in the rain? Good. So does the Image S4i Rugged. All-weather ready, the S4i takes the award-winning acoustics of its sister S4 and gives it a raincoat. The in-line control uses oversize buttons for easier use when on the go, plus rubber reinforcements in key areas enhance its overall durability for more rigorous activities and a longer lifespan.


Fully waterproof up to 12 feet, the Surge headphones are designed for kayaking, swimming, SUPing or any other water-based adventure. The neckband design and watertight earplugs ensure fit and functionality, even in stormy waters. On the sonic side of things, strong neodymium drivers deliver superior clarity and tonal fullness. Of course, be sure to buy a waterproof mp3 player or smartphone case before you hit the high seas.


For $70, the CX685 provide exceptional sound quality. The in-ear design creates an acoustically closed environment, ideal for a busy gym when you need to focus on your program. The small adjustable ear fin design hooks comfortably under the contour of the outer ear to keep a comfy fit, and the sound even and clear. In-line volume control allows for on-the-fly adjustment. Sennheiser was a head above the competition in terms of overall performance and price.