Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet 2014

This year's best new running shoes for runner with narrow feet

If you don’t possess what running shoe manufacturers identify as “average” feet, selecting comfortable kicks can be an ordeal. Especially for runners with particularly narrow feet, running shoes often feel roomy and clunky, even if the length of the shoe fits properly. Blisters and hotspots are common occurrences when you’re working with too much shoe volume, so this isn’t just a comfort issue, but also performance.

If you find that you have to cinch up your shoes to the point that the sides of the upper touch and obscure the tongue, there’s no doubt you have narrow feet. The likely result of this is a poor fit and a whole lot of excess lace, which over many miles means the shoe isn’t going to perform the way it should. To be sure, a running shoe is designed to be one with your foot, not working against it.

For runners with moderately narrow feet, regular models that run slightly skinnier will generally do the trick. However, for harriers with extremely narrow feet, they are best served by seeking out a shoe in a narrow width. For women, the narrow width is dubbed a “2A” and for men it is a “B.” Keep in mind that not every model comes in a narrow width, so you may need to do a bit of detective work.

To help you with your search, we looked into the latest models fit for narrow feet. With the help of customer reviews, wear testing and expert picks, these selections proved to be some of the most fitting options. As always, we recommend you stop by your local running specialty shop to try on a few different models in person to make sure you get the right shoe for the job.

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