The Best Running Shoes: Fall 2014 Guide

We’ve rounded up the latest and greatest from all the best brands

You train every day and while you may not be one of the elites, you still want the best of the best.

From nutrition and cross training to gadgets and accessories, you're in search of the most effective tools and techniques; whatever it takes so that you can continue to run strong and fast on the regular.

Or, maybe you don't train every day...yet. Maybe instead you're just beginning to learn the ins and outs of running; how to build your endurance, the best foods to eat for energy and of course, how to choose a good pair of running shoes.

Either way, there's no way around the fact that a really great pair of sneakers is essential to your enjoyment of the sport.

Of course, your shoes can't make you run faster or farther; only persistent, hard work will earn you performance improvements.

But because running with the right pair of shoes does matter, and because the best brands are constantly updating old models and introducing new ones, we've rounded up a collection of what we think are some of the best new running shoes for the fall 2014 season.

We based our selections off of several factors including, personal testing, consumer reviews and noteworthy selections from other expert apparel outlets.

These are the latest and greatest running shoes on the market. Read on to find out which might work best for you.

NIKE Air Zoom Elite 7

This improved version of NIKE’s Zoom Elite shoe was re-designed to help take your fast-paced workouts to whole new level. Weighing in at 9.6 ounces for men and 8 ounces for women, the 7 is lighter than its predecessor and also boasts a Nike Zoom Air unit located at the forefoot and a low-profile 8mm drop, offering a smoother, more responsive ride that will help encourage a more natural and efficient footstrike.

Saucony Kinvara 5

The Kinvara is all about offering runners a natural, lightweight shoe that provides a no-nonsense running experience. A long-time favorite among the running community as a whole, the most recent updates to the Kinvara include increased durability thanks to a bit of extra rubber added to the outsole as well as a fabric upgrade for the mesh upper and a new “Pro-Lock” feature in the saddle, designed to offer a more snug fit.

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