Best Running Shoe Brands

Best Running Shoe Brands

#10 The North Face

Although The North Face isn’t typically the first brand that might come to mind when thinking about running shoes, and their footwear for runners is fairly new to the market, our survey respondents touted the brand’s reliability. One commenter mentioned their sneakers are particularly good for trail running. “Good fit and good quality,” they added.

#9 Salomon

Similar to The North Face, Salomon manufactures a wide range of outdoor equipment, but according to one reader their running shoes are top notch because they’re made with quality and cater to the pro running experience.

#8 Altra

This brand’s running shoes fall under the minimal category that so many of our survey respondents said was important to them. Altra designs shoes with a cushioned zero drop platform and a signature “FootShape” toe box with the goal of encouraging natural running form. Or as they put it, “a shoe that lets you run the way you were born to.”

#7 Saucony

Readers voted for Saucony based on the comfort and durability of the brand's running shoes. “They’re great fitting, comfortable running shoes with soft cushioning,” one commenter said. Another reader wrote that they’re easy to break in and the brand also scored extra points for being an American company.

#6 Asics

“I love the way they fit and the value for price,” one commenter said about Asics. Another respondent said they voted for this brand because they have the best fitting running shoes and a great variety of colors and designs to choose from, too. “I’ve been running in Asics shoes since the early 1980s,” one respondent said. “They have a consistent quality and comfortable fit.”

#5 New Balance

A player in the shoe-making game for over 100 years, New Balance received votes for the simplicity and durability of their sneakers. One commenter noted they appreciated the brand’s “big toe box” design while another said that New Balance shoes work well for their long, narrow feet, too. One reader even wrote in to say that they’ve been running in New Balance shoes for 30 years. If the shoe fits, wear it… right?

#4 Brooks

Brooks earned our readers’ votes thanks to reliability, consistency and comfort. “Consistent fit and quality,” one commenter said. “Every pair I buy is better than the last. I have plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis and these shoes help reduce the foot pain,” another wrote in.

#3 Newton

“The best shoe out there,” one commenter said about Newton. “They’re comfortable, and promote good form.” This brand’s shoes also fall under the minimalist category, providing runners with natural running shoes that offer a lightweight ride with just the right amount of cushion. They also score points for durability; “I currently own three pair that I actively run in. My oldest pair has 850 miles and is just starting to show wear on the top of the toe box,” one commenter said.

#2 Scott Sports

One commenter put it simply: “As a cycling and winter sports fan this brand has always used some of the best technology, so when they put that philosophy into shoes you get some well thought out and practical running shoes.” Other readers touted Scott Sports' running shoes for their comfort, durability and innovative features and designs.

#1 Skora

Skora stole the top spot on our list with just one point, but we were really blown away by how many good things you had to say about this running shoe brand. “Their models are not only of high quality and very comfortable fit/feel wise (with a great ground feel without losing all protection), but they are also made out of great materials, well designed and great looking. In my opinion the best brand out there, no doubt,” one commenter said. “

“A perfect combination of comfort, minimalism, and dashing looks,” another wrote.

And another said, ““I like the minimalist feel with a little more under my foot. They are a little wider in the toe box and super comfortable in the upper.”