Best Mountain Bikes of 2015

Top-of-the-line bikes to fit your needs, aspirations and budget

Whether you’re taking on speedy singletrack, riding cross-country terrain or working on that inevitable tough climb, you’ll want a bike suited to your style of riding.[slideshow:1360]

As the master fitter and Founder of Fit Werx Ian Buchanan told us, “the very best bikes are the ones that match up well with the individual rider.” The perfect bike for you needs to match your needs, aspirations and body. Bike selection is a personal process and great bike shops like Fit Werx take that process seriously. When considering buying a bike, be sure to consult experts like those at the best bike shops and take your time finding a fit that feels right for you.

That said, there are some bikes that are objectively incredible rides. We consulted experts like Founder of Fit Werx Ian Buchanan, Director of Operations at the Cycling House Shaun Radley and Owner of the Pedal House Dewey Gallegos, to get the scoop on the very best mountain and trail bikes of 2015. If one of the following bikes matches your needs, budget and fits you well, you can be sure that it’s one of the best bikes out there.

Ellsworth Absolute Truth 275

“All great mountain bikes start with a great frame,” said Founder of Fit Werx Ian Buchanan. “And Ellsworth developed a unique and very effective frame design a long time ago.” The Absolute Truth 275 features 27.5-inch wheels that work well in the tight stuff and also roll through the fast stuff, according to Buchanan and the bike works overtime with simultaneous active bump absorption and pedaling efficiency. To top it off the muscular carbon aesthetics make this an looker on the trail and you can feel good about your purchase. “[Ellsworth is] one of the few companies bringing bike manufacturing back to the U.S,” said Buchanan.; starting at $3,395

Giant Anthem Advanced SX 27.5

“I think the best mountain bike in the field right now is the full suspension Giant Anthem advanced SX,” said Owner of the Pedal House Dewey Gallegos. “I rode this bike at the Outerbike demo back in September…It changed my life.” A few of the features he loved most include the feel of the extra suspension in the front, the aggressive tracking in the corners that gave an extra boost of speed and Giant’s Carbon Wheels.; $5,575

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