Best Messenger Bags

Best Messenger Bags

Seagull Bags, The Commuter

Named appropriately, this bag by Seagull bags includes features to make your commute as flawless and comfortable as possible. With multiple pockets, waterproof material, accessible buckles, and a u-lock holster this bag is perfect for everyday riding. The main strap includes a smooth nylon webbing that keeps the bag secure and comfortable. And the simplicity of the design is super sleek with “beautiful applique work”, Andy Larson of Minneapolis NACCC adds.

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Skingrowsback, XL Messenger Bag

For the extreme messenger, skinsgrowback has got you covered. This specialized messenger bag is made to order, and it it includes bungee cord rigging and loops along with gripweb extension straps for the ultimate carrying. Strap in a few boxes with the specialized rigging, throw on the shoulder strap over, and you can transport almost anything. This bag goes far beyond it’s pockets. Larson recommends it for its “very technical, immaculate construction.”

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R.E.Load Baggage, Civilian

R.E.Load has been making quality bags for over a decade. Their most popular model, The Civilian, is the perfect size for carrying a bit more than just the essentials without being overly bulky or uncomfortable. It has double outside pockets as well as an internal organizer pocket. Along with the typical cross-over strap, it also has a waist strap to keep the bag sturdy on your person while you ride all types of terrain.

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Trash Messenger Bags

Andy Larson, Minneapolis NACCC organizer, is also the owner and designer of Trash Bags. He prides his bags as “everything from hip pouches to massive cargo backpacks and all in between.” The customization options are really what set Trash Bags apart though. With over 25 color choices, and the option to submit your own art, you can create a comfortable and functional bag that fits your style. They are made with waterproof materials and available in three different sizes to fit your toting load.
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Chrome Industries, Citizen

Chrome is best known for their iconic quick-release buckle that was originally salvaged from a seatbelt buckle at a local auto yard. There’s a reason these tough bags are popping up everywhere in urban environments. The Citizen Messenger bag is the perfect size for everyday travel. It includes daisy-chain mounting loops to attach bike lights or carabiner and an industrial-strength Velcro shoulder strap that is strong enough for mounting other accessories. Also, it is great for nighttime riding providing reflective straps for visibility.

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Timbuk2, Classic Messenger Bag 2014

Timbuk2 is another popular brand of solid messenger bags. The 2014 model of the Classic Messenger claims to be an improvement over the original Timbuk2 messenger from 25 years of expertise. The new shoulder strap is designed for extra comfort with a curved airmesh strap pad, finer webbing, and a double-loop buckle that gets rid of extra dangling straps and adjusts quickly. The design includes a number of smaller pockets to organize smaller things and the pockets are carefully designed so that organization balances the weight of your load.  
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Patagonia, Minimass

For the bicyclist wanting a smaller, lighter load, Patagonia Minimass is a great fit. I’ve personally tested it out, and it is great for shorter, less intensive rides that require the basic essentials. It is made with recycled polyester balances and is the perfect size to carry a typical laptop. With a side water bottle pocket, and an internal organizer for office supplies, this bag is all you need for a commute to the office.

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Patagonia, Halfmass

The next step up from the Minimass, the HalfMass features a padded strap so that you can comfortably carry heavier loads. The main compartment features a mesh pocket, padded electronics pocket, a drop pocket to secure with a hook-and-loop tab, and pen sleeves. It also has a reflective panel for night visibility and a bike-light mount. This bag is great for the commuter who has a bit more to carry, but still wants to stay organized.

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Mission Workshop, The Rummy

This weatherproof messenger bag uses space creatively with a roll top compartment as well as quick-access cargo pockets and internal zippered pockets. There are endless possibilities to store and use these smart compartments. The easily adjustable strap is great for accessing the bag quickly. The bag also features custom aluminum hardware.

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Rickshaw Bagworks, Zero

Rickshaw Bagworks prides itself on its minimalist design that is specially made to “optimize fabric cutting and reduce manufacturing waste.” Each bag has three strips of Velcro that can hold accessories and allows you to easily change the bag’s configuration. There is one large main compartment along with 2 front pockets. The lightweight nylon is comfortable and easily forms to your body. It is a simple style that can look good in any occasion.

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SPIBelt Messenger Bag

Don’t let the size of this tiny messenger bag fool you. It can easily expand to hold all your essentials, including most tablets. The strap is stretch and comfortable and you can barely feel it when you ride. Made of water-resistant neoprene, it also prevents sweat. With the minimalist  in mind, this bag is great to take the basics on-the-go. When I rode with SpiBelt, the load was so light, I didn’t even notice I was wearing a bag.

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