The Best Bikes of 2014

The top 40 road, mountain, and hybrid bikes chosen by America's best bike shops

There’s nothing quite like the rush you get while riding a bike. You feel light and quick as you power yourself distances across all different types of terrain. With summer’s swift arrival, the streets and trails are filling quickly with bike enthusiasts of all levels. Bicycling is the sport we all know and love. Some of our earliest memories include the days of learning how to ride a bike and the scrapes and bruises that led up to the expert ride that would keep us wanting more.[slideshow:1006]

Today, hopping on that bike feels like second nature. But, whether we commute to work, take a slow ride around town, hit the trails, or compete in a race, riding is just as fulfilling as that first time we learned.

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And, riding becomes that much better when you’ve found the right bike. So many times, people ride bikes that aren’t fitted correctly, or aren’t the right choice for their preferred type of riding. Having an enjoyable, smooth ride is dependent on the comfort you have with your bike. It is a simple relationship that can prevail through the toughest traffic, steepest hills, and muddiest trails.  If you are in the market for a new bike, these stellar bikes are a great place to start.

In compiling this list of the 40 best bikes of 2014, we worked with this year’s Best Bike Shops in America. We asked them to tell us their favorite bike of the year in four categories; Road bike, Mountain bike, Hybrid bike, and a shop favorite. After compiling all of their votes, the list was created. It includes some definite customer favorites in all categories, as well as some newer bikes that are proving to be great advancements in the industry.

No one knows bikes like a bike shop. Year in and year out they prove to be the leaders in industry profit. They offer bigger selections, obscure parts, and expert knowledge on fitting and repair that keep their customers coming back for more.

This list includes a range of prices and frame types that overall prove to be the best of what is on the market right now. There is a bike for everyone, and once you’ve found the right one you’ll know. If the bike fits… ride on!

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